Mel Thunderbolt | The Horrendous Heat vs. Monstrous Mosquito
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The Horrendous Heat vs. Monstrous Mosquito

Nothing can ever be bad in paradise, right?


The sun slowly dips down out of sight.  Beautiful pink and orange sky.  A dying cool breeze as the birds fly overhead to take food back to their young.


It is a calm, clear eve, just like the one before.

With the eerie calm – you know what’s coming…


Trying to keep the doors open as long as possible for air before lock down.


I look at the thermometer, it reads 35 degrees, the hygrometer 95% and at that moment, the breeze stops.


We sit and wait in silence outside on the deck, looking around anxiously for any signs of movement.


I hear Carrie shout from the distance “They are here!  Quick, Shut the doors!”


We get inside.  I am worried we might have left it too late this time.


Yes, I am right, somehow, they got inside.  How do they do it?


We have the monstrous mosquitoes inside – everywhere.


These are not your average-Joe mosquitoes, they are mini Draculas.  Resilient to most candles, sprays and tricks.


All the doors are closed, and we are drenched with sweat.  We cannot open the doors for air as more will come in.


I put on my insect repellent but they still find a spot on me to bite.  The sweat on me makes the repellent useless.  We cannot take the heat – there is no air!


Mark, Carrie and myself see who can kill the most mosquitoes using our torch lights to attract them.


Wearing next to nothing due to the heat, wet with sweat and jumping up and down to catch the mozzies in our torch light must be a very funny sight to see through our portholes to our new sailor neighbours who have anchored right beside us.


I dreamt of paradise being hot but with a slight breeze and I imagined sleeping out on deck under the stars.  I forgot all about the mosquitoes while at anchor near land.


What would you prefer?

Extreme heat and humidity inside with no ventilation or open doors / sleeping out on deck while being bitten to death by mosquitoes?




Melissa Van Der Walt