Mel Thunderbolt | Update 7 Antarctica – Christmas at the bottom of the world
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Update 7 Antarctica – Christmas at the bottom of the world

It’s during this special time each year when I take time out to reflect.

I reflect and look back on where I was a year ago – what I was doing and where I was in the world with my ever-changing environment.
I look back on what I’ve done over the year, how I’ve grown and what lessons I’ve learned.
Each year I learn about myself a little more. Another piece to my personal puzzle.

I also look to the new year ahead and think about what I want to achieve. Who knows where in the world I’ll be a year from now.

Our Christmas here in Antarctica was extra special.
No gifts, no pressure, just 15 guys from all corners of the globe and me, with snow and ice all around us.



A Christmas box of food and champagne arrived – Gammon, roast veg and more.
A keg of red wine, whiskey, and champagne aided our party as we blasted Credence Clear Water Revival until the early hours. We had such fun.

A ship from South Africa had arrived at the ice shelf two hours flight away on Christmas eve which carried a cargo of our jet fuel that we needed.
I flew with Mike and Cody to go fetch the fuel. It was incredible flying over the ice shelf looking down at the ship as she was pushing ahead into the shelf to unload.

Mike let me fly back most of the way and then just when we were approaching our camp and I thought he would take over he looked at Cody and then smiled at me and told me I was going to land.
Oh. My. Word. My heart was pounding and hands were sweaty but with Mike’s guidance, I did it. I landed my first plane. On ice.

Not long to go now until I fly back up north.

Much love to everyone.
Mel Thunderbolt signing out.


Mel Thunderbolt