Mel Thunderbolt | Week 6 Antarctica – Special Time of the Year
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Week 6 Antarctica – Special Time of the Year

It’s a week before Christmas, can we all believe it. Where did this year go?
I can’t be further away from any festivities if I tried but here I am.


I can just imagine all the last-minute shopping – for the latest toy or last-minute goodies…
I am so glad I am away from all the consumerism.


Today was an exciting day.
Besides the wind howling and almost taking me off my feet from just walking, we had fun.

We got a 10kg of fresh produce.
APPLES!! You’ve never seen apples go so fast.
Plus, we got some Christmas decor, some mince pies and a bottle of Vodka…

A bottle of booze is like Liquid Gold around here. News of a sniff goes around camp and within minutes and it is gone.

Today I put on some Christmas carols, served mince pies and put up a few decorations.
I feel like the mother of a group of guys and it’s my job to lift the spirits of the guys so far away from home. I love it.

Everyone here is so far away from their home. So many different people.
We have J.R that lives in a van near Chamonix in France, to the pilots all the way from Yellow Knife in Canada, Doctors from New Zealand and we have Scientists from France about to take on mapping the contours looking for the famous Endurance ship!! Everyone here comes from totally different backgrounds and yet we are all family. We are all so close.

Ryan came back yesterday after doing a recce and brought me some beautiful rocks he found on the mountain. Just like a penguin. So now I have a few rocks on my “windowsill” of my tent – just like flowers.

We have been keeping busy and trying not to get up to mischief too much.
Building ice bars with a chainsaw cutting thick chunks of ice…


Cody, Mike and I walked over an hour the other day to a mountain pulling our sleds.. only to go Tobogganing down the sl

Oh. My. Gosh. I am black and blue. But such fun.

I hope everyone has the most amazing, super special Christmas.
Appreciate the moment and people, not the things.

I miss you so so much my Harley Quinn and Princess Harriet, I’ll be home soon and mom is going to spoil you so so much.
Two weeks to go.

Mel Thunderbolt, wishing you all a beautiful Christmas, signing out. x

Mel Thunderbolt